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Those immortal and provocative words came from the character Veruca Salt, the petulant little girl pitching Willy Wonka, colorful proprietor of an amazing Chocolate Factory, for the sweet prize of an unlimited supply of chocolate in the 1971 film, cleverly named, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”   Veruca was the foot-stomping British brat who wanted it all. Not just the chocolate. She also wanted a golden goose and a “bean feast!” (What the heck?!)


We at commZoom™ know how little Veruca felt. Her little tirade ranks right up there with “Daddy, are we there yet?” Everyone knows that little refrain either from hearing it or saying it and often both. And for which, in the history of mankind, no answer has ever proven sufficient. Well, hand on heart, our customers and a hardworking team at commZoom also want it NOW and want to be THERE.


So what and where are we? commZoom was conceived and put together throughout the Spring and Summer of 2014 and officially launched in October 2014. A group of San Antonio investors and management team embarked on this journey to power the digital lives of citizens and business people in 13 small south Texas communities and significantly change the way those south Texans access entertainment, the Internet and all of the resources available on the Internet. Along the way, we picked up some patient customers who must sometimes feel their digital calendars are stuck on 2006 or worse.


We’ve got big plans for you all. Otherwise why bother. commZoom is in nearly every respect a start up enterprise. But we had a bit of a rolling start. We acquired 10 markets from the out–of-state owned Reach Broadband in Hondo, Castroville, Three Rivers, Pleasanton, Lytle, Natalia, Devine, Kenedy, Karnes City and Goliad. Then pulled in Bandera from Reveille Broadband to add to Comfort and La Vernia, which we already owned and used to refer to as Coyote Cable. Our company is headquartered in San Antonio not too far from San Antonio International Airport.


As we describe elsewhere in this website, commZoom is in the process of upgrading the technology of the entire network to deliver High Speed Internet on a Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) network at speeds never before reached in all of the markets in which we operate. There are also new areas within our markets in which we will be hanging new fiber in order to reach more homes and businesses and serve more. For those of us living in San Antonio, we’re jealous. It won’t be long now when folks living in Pleasanton and other places will get Internet speeds that will blow away anything we can get in San Antonio. On the video side, we are building out a replacement for a largely analog system with limited channel selection to a fully digital high definition cable TV offering including video, music and premium channels with state-of-the-art capability along with Local Origination Channels. Our vision is to have all kinds of locally relevant programming on the Local Origination Channels not presently delivered by other media. Imagine an outlet which shows the gritty action of Friday Night Lights and a Hondo vs. Devine football game with local sponsors, a school play or an interview with organizers of a city event like Pleasanton’s Cowboy Homecoming or even city council meetings! And we’ll have a dynamic Voice over Internet Protocol phone service with unlimited long distance to all 50 states and Canada.


We don’t want to bore you with details of what goes into “making the sausage”. We understand that each of us might as well be walking around with a little sign on our foreheads with the acronym WIIFM, which stands for “What’s In It For Me.” We know like little Veruca Salt, you want it NOW and don’t care HOW! It would be great if we could just wave a wand and it would all just BE. But we have to slog through the work to get it there. There are thousands of details to get from A to Z. It’s kind of like we bought a system of old railroads and other modes of transportation. Our plan is get some bullet trains out there. We’re starting with some steam engines with some rust on them, a few buckboard wagons with broken spokes and some station platforms that need lots of love. But we’ve got some nice track over some good ground and lots of good folks who want to use our railroad. We’ll eventually decommission the steam trains, bust up the wagons for firewood and put fresh paint on the platforms. We hope you’ll take our word for it that our folks in the field and in our headquarters are glopping grease on the tracks as we speak to get them ready to put shiny stuff on them and let ‘em rip.


The people involved in commZoom have all been in business a long time and have been successful and we know we’ll ‘run into stuff’ along the way that isn’t marked on the map. But we’ll get there. We agree that it can’t happen fast enough. You can follow our progress by checking into the “Service Area” page on the website to see how things are going. Feel free to follow us on Facebook and Twitter because we like to communicate that way as well. Oh yeah, please find your way to the page where you can give us your e-mail address. We’ll have heaps of important conversations and Zoombaya moments via e-mail.


The use of Internet bandwidth is accelerating at a staggering clip because so many things are being created every day that need that bandwidth in order to operate. Guess what? We’re not ever going to go backwards on that score. commZoom wants to be that pipeline for you for years to come, be an asset to your community that you’re proud of and accelerate your digital life with Zoommpphh. It’s coming, and when we get there, it’s gonna be fast. We promise.

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