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Change is a funny thing isn’t it?  Nobody really is comfortable with it but it inevitably signals progress.  When it comes to technology, even though we’ve all had the moments where you want to throw rocks at your computer or TV for lack of cooperation, who really wants to go back even a half dozen years let alone to some simpler time decades past?

Lots of things have changed at commZoom since our launch in October of 2014, all for the better but admittedly never fast enough. The fall of 2016 signals a welcomed change in seven of the 13 towns where commZoom operates. As you may know, we’ve prioritized rolling out high speed Internet service for two reasons.  The first and most obvious is that high speed data is by no means a luxury. We’ve all got to have it and people in the towns where we began operating two years ago have had very little of it.  In the towns where we have completed upgrades to our Internet systems, commZoom offers Internet speeds up to 20 times faster than what is typically available from fixed wireless providers and phone company DSL Internet over our hybrid fiber coax infrastructure and up to 200 times faster where we have gigabit speed fiber. High speed data is what people want first.  Second, the way commZoom delivers its fully digital high definition cable television is over the Internet or what is called Internet Protocol or IPTV. So Internet upgrades go in first, which also creates the availability of phone service, then the system is ready for the new TV service.  After months of work to implement dramatic changes in the cable TV service commZoom offers, fully digital cable TV has been launched in Hondo, Castroville, Devine, Natalia, Three Rivers, Goliad and Lytle.  In all of our towns, this system will eventually replace an outdated analog cable TV product which commZoom inherited and has been maintaining.

What’s different about the new TV service? Nearly everything.  Notably, a richer and more robust viewer experience is the most important change along with the availability of over 240 channels, networks, movie and music channels along with a local community channel.  Each commZoom TV subscriber can also stream over 70 networks on Internet connected devices (with access to adequate bandwidth) for FREE with a subscription to our watchTVeverywhere app.

You may notice that Pleasanton, which has upgraded Internet service, is not on the list of upgraded TV markets yet. The capabilities of the existing cable infrastructure in Pleasanton are fine for Internet and phone, but we are working on that very same infrastructure to repair big areas of cable that have been chewed by squirrels, sprung leaks for lack of maintenance and had tree branches grow over and through them.  This will continue to take some time. Once we patch these many areas, your cable TV service will emerge all clean, new and whizzy as well.

We say “It’s Better When You Bundle.”  There’s great value in bundling services and commZoom offers many different combinations of Internet, TV and phone service for double and triple play deals.  We’ve got some smokin’ hot offers going right now with our most popular packages. How about these for example? Get up to 10 Mbps Internet and zoomPlus TV for $99 per month.  Add monthly phone service and get all three for $110 per month. Our zoomCrew would be happy to discuss this and many other exciting options with you. With so many different combinations, we’re certain our zoomCrew can find a package that fits your budget and make it easier to live life with Zoommpphh! It’ll take different equipment to receive this new product and your zoomCrew member can discuss this when you call.

We speak to clubs, organizations and city councils all the time. One thing we emphasize is the bone breaking change that is going on in the TV world.  There will be more change to TV in the next three to five years than we’ve experienced in decades. The networks and most local broadcast stations continue to increase fees they charge cable providers to carry their programming at a punishing rate. With pressures from over-the-top programmers like Netfix, Hulu and Amazon, cord cutters and cord shavers, eyeballs have more places to look than ever before.   The networks are feeling it. Also, live sports still move the needle on TV. When you see national sports leagues such as the NBA, MLB and the NFL raking in billions for new rights deals from TV networks, know that those networks don’t plan on shouldering all of that expense.  The pressure goes right to the consumer ultimately.  Small sized cable operators like commZoom join together as a consortium representing 7.5 million TV subscribers nationwide to work together to try to do all that is possible to keep these costs as low as possible.  To see more on this topic about how we’re fighting to keep costs reasonable, check www.tvonmyside.com/commZoom/index.php.  We pledge to continue to do all we can to put forward a competitive price on TV and still operate that aspect of the business profitably.

Give our zoomCrew a chance to handcraft the very best possible bundle deal for you by calling toll free 1-844-858-8500, Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm.  Go real fast, watch tons, call for pennies and Live Life with Zoommpphh with Internet, TV and phone service from commZoom®.

The “Pressures” of the Holidays

We know there are those out there who think that Internet is Internet is Internet.  Well not so fast (no pun intended).  There are many ways to know and experience when you’re operating with one arm tied behind your back digitally at your house.  How about this one?  When your house is full of folks this holiday season, our guess is that everybody will be latched on to your network via WiFi at your house.  After all, how many times can you listen to that story from Uncle George?  You’ve got more important things to do like check Facebook, check some scores, play Madden 2016 or look at new and different recipes using pimento cheese and Chex Mix.

The more devices you connect to your home’s Internet, the more that digital “empire” gets carved up.  As the smart phones, laptops and tablets come out, the bandwidth trough gets drained. Maybe you experienced this very thing during the Thanksgiving holiday. Why should inadequate Internet speed be the lump of coal in the stocking this holiday season?  Keep the mood festive and your guest’s digital bellies full.  Load up with the highest Internet speeds you’ve ever had available in your towns. commZoom’s got some sizzlin’ Internet deals available. Let us help you make your guest’s spirits bright this holiday season. Call commZoom today toll free at 1-844-858-8500.  Remember, we offer up to 100 Mbps of Internet download speed to serviceable addresses in our upgraded network. This is your best defense against the 50th time you’ve heard Uncle George tell about that big buck he bagged last season.

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