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Saturday, April 9 was a meaningful day and the start of a big week in the commZoom narrative.  Ironically the first event played out in little Natalia, Texas, a small town that thinks big, at opening day ceremonies for the Natalia Little League.  Opening day in baseball at any level is a big deal.  The Natalia Little League does it right with player introductions, hamburgers on the grill, a deejay, two well manicured fields complete with warning tracks, colorful banners on the fence and bunting on the walls.  We’re sure there were a few kiddos who were filthy from playing in sand piles too.

Yep, spring was definitely in the air that day in Natalia.  A new baseball season underway and, hang on a minute, red hot bolts of commZoom Internet bandwidth swirling around the park like a west Texas dust devil, but a couple of acres in diameter across the entire complex.  Huh???  You heard right.  commZoom is pumping 100 megabits per second into the central building and out onto a special outdoor wireless access point so that fans in the stands can stay connected at the ballpark all season while keeping their mobile provider’s data plans planted on the bench.  It’s a first for the area. From the left field bleachers to the lines at the concession stand, web pages loaded “commZoom fast.”

The fun continued across the commZoom network as we raised the curtain on our Watch TV Everywhere application. commZoom cable TV subscribers can now stream their favorite TV shows and on-demand programming from over 70 networks.  The ability to stream TV shows when and where you want to watch them is permanently latched to your Internet capacity and speed.  Does anyone remember trying to load what was considered a sophisticated website in the mid to late 90’s. This editor remembers.  It could be excruciating to wait for the website to load on those pitiful carrier pigeon Internet speeds, if it loaded at all, without freezing up those clunky systems.  We’ve come a long way since then. But trying to watch a show on your connected device without enough download speed can be a lot like that aforementioned experience.  That was obviously a different time. The bandwidth didn’t exist and was not pacing with the emerging creativity of the web designers.  Not the case anymore. The bandwidth is there to make TV streaming an amazing experience.  And now it exists in six small but growing Texas towns served by commZoom, and soon will in seven more towns where commZoom Internet is still being upgraded.

Check out our web page www.commzoom.com/tv-streaming/ to get started.  It’s easy to register and it’s FREE to commZoom subscribers.  watchTVeverywhere and commZoom recommend that you have access to at least 10 mbps of download speed so that when you watch on a connected device, the experience is everything it should be to the user.  The more connected devices you have, the more bandwidth you’ll need.  Things that hog bandwidth are continuing to roll out.  So you’ll need more eventually.

commZoom has been busy preparing to launch a new IPTV cable TV product and will soon flip that switch in all of its towns where the Internet upgrade has been completed, to be followed by the rest of the towns in the network in the coming few months.  But even our legacy analog cable TV subscribers can watchTVeverywhere right now by registering.  Just make sure you’re careful with your data plans. These shows gobble up data quicker than a hiccup.  Wired connections and in-home Wi-Fi will provide the best quality.  Create your own zoomZone.

If you’re in places like the Natalia Little League ballpark, you can see who advances to the next round on this week’s episode of “The Voice” or watch “The Natural” for the umpteenth time while waiting for your little slugger’s next time up to the plate with watchTVeverywhere.  It’ll take a few weeks for the Natalia Little League faithful to realize what they have.  We couldn’t swear to it, but we’re pretty darned sure that the nearest sports facility to Natalia with any kind of Wi-Fi access is the Alamodome and this editor knows for a fact that there isn’t enough bandwidth in the Alamodome to get a text message out most nights let alone watch Sports Center on ESPN.

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