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The cover story of Sunday’s New York Times Magazine (6/19/16) featured the headline “Netflix Destroyed the Way We Watch TV.” Using the word “destroyed” is a typical headline tactic.  Shock value to the eyes you know.  Got this editor’s attention on a Father’s Day morning with coffee mug in hand.  There is no question that Netflix has been the bell cow in a time of dramatic change to the TV landscape. There will be dizzying change to the TV industry over the next five years and it’s likely to be more change than there has been over the last two to three decades. The story included some facts that we often talk about on the commZoom Speaker’s Bureau circuit.  For instance, did you know that at peak times, Netflix alone accounts for as much as 37% of the downstream Internet traffic in North America! We can see it in our traffic patterns in the markets we serve.  Those of you who do not use commZoom for Internet feel the pressure during the school year from the time the kids get home from school until about midnight.  That’s when the pressure is really high on available bandwidth. We see it too but we have the capacity to handle it.  If you don’t have enough bandwidth, you’re seeing freeze ups, connection issues and buffer wheels.  Just try and watch a movie.  It’s about throughput.

When Netflix was transitioning from the DVD mail service to the streaming model, bandwidth was more precious and the movie experience was likely to include fits and starts.  Not anymore.  The story goes on to say that users are spending up to two hours per day on Netflix.  With 81 million customers, you know that’s making an impact on the TV networks. Netflix, as you know, has original content like “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black” to name two of its household name franchise players.  They are developing more and more original content because of the success of these two shows plus the obvious economic advantages of not being as dependent on networks and movie studios.

The development and evolution of Over-The-Top programming alternatives such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and others underlines the other thing we talk about in our speaking engagements.  Much of the pressure on our Internet bandwidth is beyond all of our control.   Companies are going to continue to innovate and bring out products and services that need a fat Internet pipe, not a straw. There’s a generation of products and services coming that will depend on connectivity like we’ve never seen before.  Throughput is what counts.  Having a bunch of connected devices in your home or office is like having a fire hose open.  commZoom’s got the Internet bandwidth you need to handle all this.  If all you have is wireless Internet, your smart phone’s mobile data plan (ouch!), phone company DSL or satellite Internet, you’ve strapped big sacks of flour to your back.  Ready, set, ugggh. Call us now at 1-844-858-8500 and take a load off by putting some extra Zoommpphh in your Internet.  

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