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High Speed Internet

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Why does a commZoom Business Internet connection make sense for your small or medium sized business?

You don’t use carbon paper anymore do you? How about a fax machine? Probably not much. Why do people still put the fax number on business cards and signatures? Business has gone through blinding change over the years. Most of it is due to the rapid acceleration of technology. At the base of all this is the need for Internet connectivity and bandwidth. Even in a small business environment, your bandwidth and data needs are different than what you typically need in your home.  Nobody offers more Internet speeds and capacity than commZoom in our upgraded south Texas markets.

Consider adding more Zoommpphh to your business Internet for the following reasons:

  • Pages load faster: Especially important if you have multiple people in the business online at all times. The more bandwidth, the less delay in loading pages. And we all know that during your busy day, it is likely that you’ll have many more Internet tabs open at one time than you typically would at home. Who has time to go through and close down a bunch of tabs when you’re in a hurry and in need of information fast? A high-speed connection takes the pressure off and keeps the pages loading quickly.
  • Multiple users: The more users and the more devices connected, the more capacity you need so that your connection can support multiple users at the same time. (This applies at home too.)
  • Smooth streaming: Ever watched an important video or tutorial at your office only to have the video freeze or buffer? How about a video chat locking up? All of that misery is remedied with a faster connection and more capacity.
  • Upload speeds are higher: Business packages support higher upload speeds. Personal use requires less upload capacity typically. But when you’re sending files, photos, videos, spreadsheets and big documents you need them to travel in the express lane. commZoom business packages recognize this need for small businesses as well so the upload speeds will be higher than what you would need at home.
  • VoIP Phone systems: Phone over the Internet needs a good connection. Most businesses are shedding the hard line phone option for Voice over Internet Protocol. It’s less costly, has so many features and benefits and 2000 minutes of local long distance calling monthly, including International calls to Canada. If your speeds are too slow, the caller on the other end hears a choppy call. We all know how frustrating that is.
  • Collaboration in the office: Sharing documents, online conferencing and all levels of technological teamwork are facilitated by higher bandwidth connections.
  • Social Media and a web presence: If your company uploads videos to the web or uses a lot of social media, a higher speed connection is a must. Loading tutorials, demo videos, presentations, photos and other content to web pages and social media is a dream with the right connection. Fall short on this, and your day’s efficiency rating goes out the window.
  • Cloud storage: The trend is to store your company’s data in the Cloud instead of trying to maintain a lot of data storage on your own. It’s more efficient and less burdensome from an IT hardware maintenance perspective. To use cloud services in the most efficient manner requires a high speed Internet connection.

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Up to 20Mbps download / 5Mbps upload

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Up to 30Mbps download / 7Mbps upload

Call 1-844-858-8500 , Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm, for pricing and a free Internet consultation, regardless of your current provider!

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Up to 50Mbps download / 8Mbps upload

Call 1-844-858-8500 , Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm, for pricing and a free Internet consultation, regardless of your current provider!

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Up to 100Mbps download / 10Mbps upload

Call 1-844-858-8500 , Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm, for pricing and a free Internet consultation, regardless of your current provider!

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Up to 300Mbps download / 10Mbps upload

Call 1-844-858-8500 , Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm, for pricing and a free Internet consultation, regardless of your current provider!

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“So far, I am completely satisfied with my service. I switched from Hughes net (satellite), which was overpriced and not what I would consider good Internet service. I would definitely recommend them.”
- commZoom convert

Internet download speeds are from commZoom’s DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem with Ethernet connection. Any particular amount of bandwidth or Internet speeds or throughput of commZoom’s connection to the public internet are not guaranteed and may vary due to your equipment and other factors outside of commZoom’s control. commZoom delivers Internet service to a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. WiFi routing equipment and internal networking is the responsibility of the customer. commZoom does offer an optional all-in-one wifi router/modem at an additional charge. For best results, commZoom recommends an 802.11AC router or an 802.11 N600 or higher router. Speeds produced by wireless routers will differ depending on distance from the router, physical obstructions, interference from other wireless devices, number of devices connected to signal, age of equipment, and more. commZoom may restrict the availability of the wireless option to residents of multi-dwelling properties such as apartments and other structures where a high concentration of wireless equipment can create excessive interference. Older generation routers will not necessarily support maximum speeds delivered to the modem.

Ready to go faster than this?

Make some zoom. Zoomer or later, you’ll want more. You’ll need more. commZoom’s Internet is zoomier and we can help get you the zoommpphhh you need. Call us at 1-844-858-8500 or send an e-mail to commercialsales@commZoom.com.

Bandwidth 101

All you really want to know is if your connected devices such as a Smart TV or your computer will do the job you need it to do. Speed determines the quality of the video or movie you’re watching, how long it takes to load a web page, the quality of a video call on Skype, and so on.

Download vs. Upload
The first number commZoom and anyone else shows you, when describing levels of Internet service, is the download speed. They are usually much faster than upload speeds because most Internet users pull things down from the Internet (movies, books, music, e-mails, video, etc.)

If you upload or send out large files or a lot of photos or videos, to the Internet, you’ll want faster upload speeds.

What is Buffering?
When a video or movie is “buffering”, the connection isn’t keeping up with the speeds at which the video, music or other content is being delivered to your screen. When buffering occurs, the device is pausing to collect the data. When/if it catches up, it resumes the playback function. If it happens regularly or repeatedly, it is going to take twice as long to watch the movie or load the page. That doesn’t make for a pleasant experience.

Imagine if you filled your car’s gas tank by attaching the nozzle from the pump to a funnel that fed a straw sized opening to the tank. Think how long that would take to fill up! In a way, this is what is happening when your download speed is inadequate. So speed (primarily download speed) = quality of user experience.

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