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Where is broadband in your “Hierarchy of Needs?”  Let’s see. Water and Electricity #1 and #1. Is broadband #1a or is it right there with the other two? Ask someone 15-21 years old and we’re guessing water might not even make the top 10 but broadband would be #1 by heaps and is rising fast. Electricity would only be number one because you have to charge all this stuff. Think about your digital habits now versus 10-15 years ago. Mind-boggling.

Ready for some wild statistics? Read all of these listed below knowing that we are still in what will be considered the dark ages.  How can it not be?  Like this reporter said a couple of years ago in this space, if Thomas Edison was immortal and around today, he’d be saying, “Yeah, this is like when I did that light bulb thing.” Remember the days when computer manufacturers talked about the future and how great it would be able to save your recipes??


  • According to Cisco (the multi-national technology company), twenty-five years ago, or so, global Internet networks carried approximately 100 gigabytes of traffic per day. That’s 800,000 megabits per day. Ten years later Internet traffic amounted to 100 Gigabytes per second. In 2016 Internet traffic reached more than 20,000 Gigabytes per second.
  • US Internet traffic is projected to grow 2.5X-3X in the next 5 years spurred by online video.
  • Video is the biggest driver of Internet traffic (anyone surprised we asked rhetorically?) with Netflix alone accounting for approximately 37% of all peak-time North American downstream Internet use.
  • Cisco predicts video will make up 82% of all Internet traffic in 2021.
  • Internet gaming traffic will grow nearly tenfold from 2016-2021.
When we launched commZoom, we put gigabit circuits into each upgraded market.  We’ve had to top that up a few times already and we’ll soon layer on 10-gigabit circuits for increased bandwidth in six markets! We’re sure you’ll use it. We keep drilling.
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