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Acceptable Use Policy
commZoom Privacy Policy
commZoom Digital Millennium Copyright Act
commZoom Net Neutrality Disclosure
commZoom Residential Terms and Conditions of Service; Cable and Internet Agreement
commZoom Commercial Customer Agreement; Terms and Conditions-Cable and Internet
Description of Fees, Surcharges, Taxes at commZoom
E911 Waiver & Backup Power Information
Notice to Analog TV Subscribers in Kenedy/Karnes City

commZoom, LLC (“CZ”) qualifies for a waiver from the FCC that relieves CZ of the requirement to ensure that on-screen text menus and guides for the display or selection of multichannel video programming provided by navigation devices that it leases, or sells are audibly accessible in real- time upon request by individuals who are blind or visually impaired. Therefore, customers who are blind or visually impaired using CZ will not be able to audibly access any of the functions in the display or selection of multichannel video programming via on-screen text menus and guides. Other television providers in your area may offer navigation devices with audibly accessible features. For more information, contact CZ at 844-858-8500 or sales@commzoom.com.

commZoom Robocall Mitigation Agreement for Residential and Commercial Voice Customers

Residential and commercial Voice customers of commZoom will know and comply with federal and state laws against originating unsolicited outbound calls (aka “robocalls”) in their use of voice services provided by commZoom. commZoom has a zero-tolerance policy with regards to any customer who engages in the origination of robocalls for any purpose. commZoom will observe industry best practices to verify the identity of customers and will collect information such as customer’s physical location, contact persons(s), and for commercial customers, the state or county of incorporation, federal tax ID and the nature of the customer’s business. commZoom will not knowingly deliver services to known robocall originators and reserves the right to disconnect services without formal notice to customers who engage in such activity or are suspected of engaging in such activity. commZoom will cooperate with enforcement efforts of the Industry Traceback Group (ITG) and any other agencies designated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to trace the origination of any actual or suspected robocall activity on its network.

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