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“An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” Per common thinking, or if you believe what you read on the Internet, this famous quote from Thomas Jefferson isn’t attributable to him at all. Some think it is paraphrasing some of his common beliefs. But whomever said it makes the point that needs making. We often say it is a blinding glimpse of the obvious.
How on earth in a society like ours, can we expect our kids to keep pace in this world without education? How can communities keep pace without educating the next generations? What a time we live in. Every single teacher you know of right now is organizing their lesson plans for the coming year. And you can safely wager that a significant component of each plan is the digital aspect of conveying the lesson i.e. the Internet. It’s involuntary now right? Like blinking. Nobody even thinks of “do we or don’t we” when it comes to using the Internet to teach. It’s like oxygen.

The playing field is leveled, in many respects, by the digital world and the Internet of Things (IoT). Yeah it has its darker side too. We’re proud of the Texas Legislature for passing SB 179 or “David’s Law” which goes into effect September 1 and allows temporary injunctions against social media accounts used to harass or bully children and criminalizes electronic harassment of minors with the intent of causing them to harm themselves. And it requires the schools to speedily notify parents of the children accused of bullying.
But let’s focus on the positive aspects of the cyber world. Find a way (and there are ways) to plug any hole in the educational process in your own world. You’re likely to have at least a couple of devices in your home that connect to the Internet. Even if it is only a smart phone, get connected at your home and take the load off your mobile data plan or make sure your kids know that the community library is there and blowing out advanced levels of bandwidth. In commZoom country, the public libraries in Hondo, Castroville, Devine, Natalia, Bandera and Goliad feature Internet speeds from commZoom, the fastest speeds available in these communities, period.

But in case you didn’t know, commZoom offers an Internet package in all its upgraded markets for $9.95 per month for up to 3 megabits per second that gets you connected to the digital world. You can surf the Internet and explore the vast educational resources that connecting makes available and have e-mail access with this package. As we approach the annual tax-free weekend and the time families typically start to think of back-to-school shopping, don’t forget that the most important tool-Internet connectivity-is available on wireline cable at a very affordable price with FREE installation and no data limits from commZoom. Just call our office Monday-Friday 9am-6pm to get your address checked for serviceability 1-844-858-8500 and sign up.

Under the heading, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” we also offer a package that is available between now and August 31 where you can get up to 25 mbps of download speed and 3 mbps upload and lock in a $49.95 monthly rate for the entire school year plus get free installation, free WiFi activated all-in-one modem/router and no data limits. That’s a savings of over $200 for the school year. With this package, your home is equipped not only for the basics but adequate bandwidth for video streaming and binge watching from over-the-top providers such as Netflix and heaps of video gaming fun. So play Madden 2017 until your fingers turn red and watch 36 episodes of “House of Cards” if you want. But clean your plate and do your homework first.

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