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When it comes to looking at the topic about to be introduced on this blog, it would be too easy to lead with the iconic line from the 1960’s band Buffalo Springfield and the song “For What It’s Worth (There’s something happening here….). Dang I did it anyway.  It’s really not even appropriate. There’s been something happening here for a long time. Now a corner has been turned.  It wasn’t a hard turn. This has been a long sweeping turn with no lift off the gas.

Wonder if you REALLY noticed just how much technology played a role in this past holiday season? Marketwatch.com reporter Jeffry Bartash in his January 13 story with the headline, “Department store sales fall 11th straight year amid online onslaught,” cuts right to the chase. “His lead line is “The sun continues to set on the once-formidable anchor store retailers such as Macy’s and Sears amid a ferocious onslaught by Amazon and other Internet sellers and changing habits of American shoppers.” Alongside the continuing plunge in department store sales and the wreckage it is leaving behind, he points out that “sales at non-store retailers soared 11.4% in 2016 – the largest gain in 10 years.” Heck Netflix just reported that they signed up 7.05 million new customers in the fourth quarter of 2016, which was a record. Nearly two million of those were in the United States.

Remember when all of this started? In the early days, how many of us were uncomfortable with the clunky and mysterious process of shopping online? Plenty right? Oh well, how many of us now consider this process nearly involuntary or instinctive?  Heaps right? Like starting your car. Put key in, turn, go.  When outfits as big as Sear’s and Macy’s are getting beaten up…..

We’re all at the mercy of technological innovation. Your editor read an interesting book this past December by author Kevin Kelly called “The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future.”  Futurists fascinate me.  And I like to hold onto their books or reports and check back a few years later to see how they’re coming on their predictions.  One of things that struck home was his observation that we’re in the early stages of all this technological force.  Of course, THAT has to be true.  Indeed, it’s not even the Roaring 2020’s yet. We’re early in the century obviously.  What isn’t better or more advanced than it was 15 years ago (other than Root Beer or Pop Tarts maybe)? What’s this all going to look like in 20 years????? 40 years?????

How many of us received a gift this holiday season that either was bought online (The North Pole has gigabit speed. Think it was a government grant.) or requires connectivity to use it? We’re riding a rocket ship folks. Those dial up Internet days feel like the silent movie days and you know we’ll look back at NOW the same way.

Of course we wish life was simpler.  Your editor was sitting beside a self-confident gentleman recently at a meeting who still proudly uses a flip phone caring not one bit about any public or private snickering. “It works,” he said confidently after seeing some eyes roll.  And of course, he’s right.  It does “work”.  And I’m sure a properly trained carrier pigeon could still get a message through. But just try and get one of those feathery buggers to tell you the weather, update your fantasy league stats, track your steps, or give you a stock quote.

These are amazing times and there’s no end in sight. We live in a connected world and the toothpaste ain’t going back in the tube.  Get out of your flip phones, DSL and wireless Internet and don’t send any more telegrams for heaven’s sake.  To be in the game, you’ve got to get in the game.


The upgrade process continues here at commZoom.  Bandera was one of the markets where we acquired old under-managed cable plant in late October 2014.  As we work our way through the large slug of markets that we are upgrading, Bandera is next up to get a blast of Internet speed, fully digital cable TV with High Definition and phone service.

In the coming few weeks, we’ll throw the curtain up on the fastest Internet service ever to come out of the chute in Bandera.  We’ll deliver up to 100 Mbps (megabits per second) of download speed over our hybrid fiber (HFC) coaxial plant to homes and businesses. That’s just the start.  Gigabit speed can be provided in business areas per demand.  For TV, up to 240 fully digital networks, movie and music channels will also be ready.  And you can make phone calls to friends, family and business associates in 50 states and Canada for pennies per call with commZoom telephone service. A Google Earth map of the Bandera area served by our plant is shown below. Of course, you should call to check for the serviceability of your specific address.  Our zoomCrew will be happy to check it for you and walk you through the various options we offer.  Once we go, we go. No pilot projects, no lists, no tests (we will have already finished those), just ready to install.  Please call our office toll free at 1-844-858-8500 Monday-Friday 9:00am-6:00pm to check out our special offers.

Bandera Coverage Map


commZoom digital TV subscribers to zoomPlus and zoomPremier packages receive 46 music channels from Stingray Digital Group, which also just announced their new mobile app providing those very same subscribers unlimited, ad-free streaming of the same Stingray Music channel lineup offered on television. Music fans can now explore and enjoy an additional 2,000 professionally curated Vibes channels in close to 100 genres including hip-hop, rock, pop, electronic, indie, Christian, country music and more! The comprehensive channel selection covers all styles and tastes, from the most mainstream to the most niche. The mobile app is available free to everyone with access to Stingray Music through their TV provider. The free Stingray Music mobile app is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.  More at https://music.stingray.com.

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